This article is a guest article written by my dear friend Shania who runs Quotable Creations. Here she shares her story of how cosplay helped her find her passion and gave her a sense of hope. Give her some love on Instagram @quotablecreations for more!

A starting point. Everybody has one. For Quotable Creations, my cosplay/prop making/blogging/ webcomic company, it was a pivotal moment in my life that started it all. That really gave me my “light bulb moment” and started the fire. It was when everything started falling apart, or like I like to call it—the two months of darkness.

It’s interesting really, for a dark storm to come for me to start on the journey of my dreams. To make a very long story short, I had just barley left a very toxic friend group and broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year. So, it was safe to say I was in a very dark place.

But, even though those two months were hard and at times I didn’t think I could get through a simple day because of the mind-numbing pain and the crippling depression I always had three things that got me through it and made me and my business as it is today

  • My wonderful mom
  • My amazing three best friends Kim, Kat, and Derrick
  • My love of crafting and making people smile

Because I had my passion and the un wielding support and love of the ones who I care for most, it gave me the strength to keep walking forward. It first started in March when I first felt like myself. It was a mixed effort between both my mom and my friends. My friends were trying to convince me to join them on Instagram and after a lot of effort I did. This turned into me finding various cosplay accounts and seeing what could be done and it got me inspired.

This is where my mom came in. She is a very crafty and artsy person, so she already had a bunch of materials on hand. So, when I started making my first project—my 2p! England cupcake. She was so supportive of me, as were my friends and because of this support my love for what I did began to build.

With more and more projects and seeing that I could create what I loved to see on the screen, made a beautiful and blissful escape from what had happened. And soon enough, it spread so much that I built a whole business around what I love, and it continues to grow today.

There’s just something about cosplaying itself that makes a warm and happy feeling for me. It’s like having two superpowers. One, the ability to change into any character I wished and act like them for a whole day. I didn’t have to be that shy wallflower I always felt like. I felt like the confident cosplayer I always wanted to be. And the second superpower I feel like I have with this, is the ability to make someone smile. It is honestly the best feeling in the world when you are dressed as someone’s favorite character, and they literally shout out your character’s name from the other side of the room in a convention center and rush up to you with a huge smile on their face and ask for a picture. Best. Feeling. Ever!

One day, my dream for the future, is to have Quotable Creations well known enough that I can go to conventions everywhere (any country) decked out in nerd gear and the occasional cosplay project—who am I kidding? Always go to the conventions decked out in cosplay and judges cosplay competitions, hang out with my friends and people who are fellow fans. Blog and write my webtoon. And of course, have the ability to sell cosplays and props to people who want the amazing experience of cosplaying.

It’s all I could ever wish: to live my nerdy dream and make myself and other people happy with what I love. And I am so grateful to my mom and three best friends for helping me and being with me on this incredible journey towards my dream. I couldn’t do this without them.

– Shania @QuotableCreations

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